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We are engaged in wholesale and retail trade in mineral fertilizers both in Ukraine and abroad.
Our company was founded in 2008. During this time, the company was able to organize a regional dealer network, logistics and warehousing centers that meet the certification of storage conditions for mineral fertilizers.


Stable partnerships with major producers and suppliers of agrochemical products in Europe, Central Asia and the CIS provide an opportunity to provide the agricultural sector of Ukraine with the necessary products

Prompt supply and flexible pricing policy allow us to supply products to the largest industrial enterprises, such as metallurgy, engineering, energy, chemical, food, etc., as well as mining and processing plants, construction companies, agricultural enterprises and more than a thousand consumers.

All chemicals meet Ukrainian and international quality standards. Each sale of products is accompanied by certificates of conformity.

Our company in the shortest possible time ensures a stable supply of products anywhere in Ukraine. Thanks to orderly logistics, the company fulfills orders of any scale, from retail to wholesale, from individual to industry.

Thus, the company "Axioma-Agro" has the opportunity to sell mineral fertilizers not only in Ukraine but also abroad.



It should be noted that Axioma-Agro Ltd. produces big bags, which can transport gravel, gravel, coal, sand, cement, granite, quartz sand or expanded clay. Besides, we make kuboviki, a sack, bags in which store grain, big-bepid under wood pellets, under MSW, for polymeric granule, bags under crushed stone (PVC, PND, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene), big bags for non-ferrous metal, thin bags, soft containers, polypropylene bags, we provide packaging bags for transportation and storage of bulk materials. These products are constantly and uninterruptedly produced in any volume. As for the load capacity, ie bags from 0.5 to 2 tons.


If you are going to cooperate with our company, keep in mind that Axiom-Agro has the opportunity to sell mineral fertilizers not only in the regions of Ukraine, but also abroad. The fact is that there is an agreement on cooperation in the sale of mineral fertilizers with the Polish company "Diamond". This company is located in Warsaw and is an exporter and importer in the world market.


Agree that no matter how good the product is, it is very important how it is packaged. The mineral fertilizer market is no exception. It also appreciates the appearance of the product, as well as the quality and reliability of packaging. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine the sale of mineral fertilizers without modern equipment for packing and packaging. We hasten to assure you that in a short time we will pack and pack your products, regardless of volume. The company "Axioma-Agro" has a high-performance automatic packaging line, which allows fast and high-quality services for packing and packaging products.
We will fulfill your order in a short time!



    On the issues of logistics by rail, loadunloading of fertilizers and packing - LLC "Agronaftotrade": The company provides services for acceptance, redirection and reloading of wagons with mineral fertilizers in any container, as well as the embankment; unloading and packing; loading of packaged fertilizers on the customer's vehicles. The enterprise stores mineral fertilizers in its own warehouses, which are equipped in accordance with the established norms. The warehouses have their own railway access track, as well as all the necessary equipment for storage and shipment of CAS. 18030, Cherkasy, 13/25 Chyhyrynska Street, tel: 067-473-05-71, agronafto@ukr.net


On logistics by road transport and cargo support - LLC "Axioma-Agrotrans" 18001, Cherkasy, st. B. Vyshnevetsky, 47On legal outsourcing and support of transactions - consulting company "Unilex" 18002, Cherkasy, Shevchenko Boulevard, 246, of. 4, tel: 097 995 02 89, unilex.lcc@gmail.com

On banking services - JSC "UkrSibbank" BNP Pari Group